Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a full range of clinical conditions of thinking, feeling and behaviour. They have a primary medical degree and will have completed further training and examinations in psychiatry.

Psychiatrists are skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological and psychiatric conditions in adults using the standard diagnostic criteria (both ICD-10 and DSM-V are those currently in use).

Psychiatrists have highly specialist training in the use of medication to treat serious conditions. At TTC we also believe that most people also benefit from therapeutic treatment and would recommend a combination of both. Psychiatrists will also have experience of a

range of therapeutic models which they draw on in their treatment, and many will have completed one or more additional therapeutic trainings eg. psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). At TTC our psychiatrists have a strong training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

To practice in the UK, psychiatrists are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) with whom they have to undergo revalidation every 5 years; have gained a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in general psychiatry, and be members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych), which indicates that they have completed the necessary examinations. Their ongoing registration requires them to keep up to date with developments in the field eg. by reading scientific papers, and attending courses and conferences, which they continue to apply to their clinical work.

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