Company Policy
TTC aims to contain and support all clients through the therapeutic journey that they embark on. It is important to us that we are transparent about our procedures, please ask if you have any questions:

TTC’s clinics are Registered in England and Wales. Registered address: First Floor, 677 High Road, London, N12 0DA
The company numbers are:
TTC Holloway: 13151424
TTC Primrose Hill: 13151298
TTC The Triangle: 13162855
TTC Sussex: 11818959
TTC Golder’s Green: 13267528
TTC Surrey: 13550341

TTC is goverened by the laws of England and Wales and is therefore registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Our data protection registration numbers are:

TTC Holloway: ZA904311
TTC Primrose Hill: ZA904310
TTC Golder’s Green:
TTC The Triangle: ZA904313
TTC Sussex:

For any queries with regard to data protection please email:

All sessions are confidential and information from the sessions will not be shared with anyone outside TTC unless there is an issue of safety to be considered. We do discuss cases within the TTC team in order to carefully hold and think about clinical work and do the best for our clients. Please ask if you would like to see a breakdown of the current government guidance with regard to safe guarding and confidentiality.

All governing bodies require clinicians to take notes of sessions and to have regular supervision. These notes are not shared with anyone other than supervisors, other than in the exceptionally rare circumstance that they would be required by the courts of law.

In the case of divorced or separated parents we will liaise openly with both parents unless we have been advised otherwise.

Fees and Cancellations
Each clinician sets their own fees and will agree fees with you before starting work.

A monthly invoice will be sent to you via email, payment is due strictly within 2 weeks of the date of the invoice. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Clinicians will always try to be helpful but if a lot of time is being taken up with the need for phone calls and liaison with others, we may need to charge for this time. Reports will need to be charged for at the clinicians standard rate per hour.

Sessions will be charged for unless a minimum of a week’s notice of cancellation is given.

Two weeks notice of cessation of therapy is required for adults or for children in short-term therapy.

If a child is in long-term therapy (longer than one term) then a minimum of six weeks notice of cessation is required. This is to protect the child from a sudden, unplanned ending. The therapeutic relationship can be an important one for children and ending sessions are needed to help consolidate the work that has been done. If endings are not handled properly they can undermine the work that has been done or occasionally cause re-traumatisation of previous losses or broken relationships.

Complaints Procedure
As a group of professionals who hold communication at the centre of all human interaction, TTC is committed to resolving any issues or difficulties through communication and mediation. We would hope that we can manage situations in a way that allows clients to know that they have been heard, understood and listened to and that clinicians are willing to think about and resolve anything that might have caused distress or difficulty to a client.

If anyone has any concerns about any aspect of TTC you are invited to be in contact with the Clinical Director Ryan Lowe: 07900 608 608.

All concerns will be taken seriously and listened to carefully. In the first instance Ryan Lowe would attempt to resolve the issue if there is any way to do so. If the issue concerns a TTC clinician then this would be brought to their attention. We would hope that the matter could be resolved with fascilitated communication, however, no attempt will be made to put pressure on anyone to meet or talk if they do not feel safe.

If, for any reason, the difficulty cannot be resolved within TTC then clients have the right to take up the issue with the clinician’s registering body.

TTC Team Protection Policy
TTC’s team of clinicians are aware that we are often dealing with sensitive and diffucult situations and will endeavour to be understanding, compassionate and tollerant if clients are distressed. However, we cannot tollerate threatening, abusive or violent behaviour toward any member of the TTC team. In instances where we feel it is not possible, safe or productive to continue the therapeutic relationship we reserve the right to terminate our contract with the client.

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Company policy

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