Group Therapy

Group therapy is a process of reflecting on one’s life with the support of others who are interested in doing the same. It usually consists of several people, between 6-12 participants, guided by an experienced facilitator or therapist.

Depending on the format, the focus of the group may be on specific topics like relationships, sex or work, or more general, with participants sharing whatever is most relevant for them on that day.

In many ways, life is about relationships. We learn who we are by the relationships we have. Examining ourselves in a group setting, increases opportunities for growth. In a group, there is more potential to learn. There are more challenges to overcome and more insights to be had. There is a feeling of connection and belonging. Participants get to practice, in real time, in a safe space, alternative ways of relating to others.

The benefits of group therapy:

  • feeling of belonging
  • feeling cared for
  • greater self-awareness & self-acceptance
  • learning to communicate clearly & effectively
  • increased compassion for oneself & others
  • being in a space dedicated to honesty & openness

Cost: £240 for 8 weeks

Dates: Thursdays, 13 January – 3 March

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: 10 Manor Gardens, London, N7 6LA

Sharing our lives with others in a supportive environment can be both profoundly nurturing and illuminating. By witnessing others share about themselves, their struggles and achievements, heartbreaks and breakthroughs, you learn about yourself in the process. By sharing your own life experiences with others, you learn to how to be seen and connect, to let down your guard, trust, and allow the support of your fellow group members to experience your life with you.

Sessions are an opportunity to take time out of daily life, slow down and to utilise the setting to see yourself from a different perspective. We look to be present with each other, exploring our thoughts and feelings. The invitation is simply to come as you are. It’s an opportunity to discard the usual daily chatter and social conventions, and see what remains. Nothing is forced and each session flows naturally from what individuals choose to share on the day. You can be yourself without pretence. You can laugh or cry without feeling embarrassed.

The sessions are facilitated by a therapist who has many years’ experience with group work. We hold a safe space, caring for each other while at the same time daring to look into the uncomfortable parts of ourselves.

If you are interested in joining this group, please get in touch. We can start with an informal chat to find out if this group is right for you.

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