At TTC we feel strongly that anyone who needs therapeutic support should be able to access this.  We have tried to offer a service that is more affordable than some of the larger multi-disciplinary clinics, but we have to balance this with meeting the fees of the experienced clinicians who work with us.  As a way to help people access therapy we are working with several training schools to provide both adult and child psychotherapy with trainees at TTC.  These trainees receive a high level of support from both their tutors, from their supervisors and from TTC.  

They are interviewed by us and only taken on if we feel that they can meet our high standards of professionalism and care.  Where possible we try to take on trainees who already have considerable experience in previous roles or who are more mature students.

We are aware that some people will feel concerned about working with a trainee and this does need careful thought.  If you have any concerns or would like to talk this through then you are welcome to speak to one of our experienced clinicians to think about whether this would be appropriate.

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