We become so used to the struggle and the difficulties we are facing that we forget there might be an alternative, some support, an easier way forward
TTC’s philosophy is to provide a non-judgmental, compassionate support to those looking for therapeutic services
All TTC clinicians have diverse trainings but a shared approach which is deeply rooted in integrity and empathy
TTC aims to begin the support and containment of clients from the moment of contact with the organisation
All calls are answered by a clinical member of staff so that we can help guide you to the right support

The Therapeutic Consultants

is a network of experienced mental health professionals working to help individuals and organisations find the right type of therapeutic services. Offering a full range of interventions, from psychotherapy and psychology to full psychiatric support, we are trained in many specialist areas including relationship counselling, family therapy, addiction and dependancy support, individual work with adults, adolescents and children, and acute mental health disorders.

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The help of a good therapist can ease suffering and improve one’s life immensely.

I’m confident that TTC selects excellent therapists.  TTC will help you find someone  who’s right for you and can make a massive, positive difference to your life.

Adult client
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We can't recommend them more highly.

We came to TTC at a time when we were really out of ideas about how to help our child, who was having frequent meltdowns and seemed very anxious. Our therapist supported us in thinking about how best to support him, and also was a really soothing presence for us as a family at a really stressful time. 


As my son comes to the end of his therapy with his therapist, I know that we were very lucky to find her. 

I am really glad that we underwent this process because it has put my son in a far stronger place to face his own future, to make his own decisions and to think about who he is and how he wants people to see him.

Mother of an 8 year old boy

Simply put, my therapist gave
me my confidence back.

She explained things that i knew in a way I had not really thought of and made them clearer. She gave us tools to help us deal with these issues.

Tatiana, parent

I would thoroughly recommend TTC to other parents who are considering therapy for their child/children.

Our therapist was a highly professional and empathetic therapist who is able to put both parents and children at ease from the very start of her sessions. By using play, she was able to assist our son's to communicate better with each other and to help us as parents manage the boys’ behavioural issues. 


My therapist gave me all the support I needed and surpassed all my expectations. 

I have finished our sessions feeling empowered for the future, with a deeper understanding of my own mind. I cannot thank her enough.



Our fees differ between clinicians depending on their discipline and level of experience. The fees below are a guideline depending on your needs and the clinician involved. Most of our clinicians have a sliding scale of fees depending on income, frequency and length of sessions and length of treatment.

We also have some clinicians in the final stages of training who are able to work for reduced fees.

Please ask if you would like further information.


As a family learned a huge amount about how to talk to each other and support each other

My child started counselling with TTC following three years of grappling with some very stressful life events. His therapist was insightful and calm and used humour and empathy to allow him to talk about how these events have made him feel. I'm so glad we did it.

Parent of a 10 year old

Our therapist holds an empowering space for deep sharing and processing. 

As a couple supported by her, we were able to say things to each other that we hadn't said before, and this has helped us unite and be stronger.

Parents who worked with a parent therapist

My teenage son was helped through a number of challenges by TTC and is calmer and more self aware for it.

Parents of a teenage boy

TTC helped my son through a difficult time. I can't recommend them enough.


I would highly recommend TTC to families who are seeking support for their children. 

Our experience has been such a positive one and feel that it has been an invaluable investment for our son to get the help he needed. We realised we needed to seek professional help and TTC provided the support we all needed. Our son felt safe and comfortable to discuss his struggles with his therapist from very early on in the process.  The therapy has greatly benefited both our son and family and are so pleased we found TTC. 


As a parent and a trainee counsellor I would highly recommend TTC. 

I consider TCC to be of a particularly high standard, delivering a vital therapeutic service for the wellbeing of children and young people. My daughter and her therapist, did some incredible work together, which has not only helped my daughter, but has helped us as parents to understand her more.


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