Alex Noble

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

MA; ADIP; PgDip; Dip.Sup; UKCP

alex noble

Alex is an integrative child and adolescent psychotherapist with over 18 years experience of working with children, young people and their families. She takes a curious and compassionate stance when speaking with families, as everyone regardless of their age and stage can be confronted with the complexities and challenges of modern life. She encourages parents to reflect on their understanding of the meaning behind their children’s behaviours in order to promote more positive family interactions.

Alex uses both the arts and play-based approaches with younger children. By encouraging a young child to creatively construct a symbolic play world, either with figures in a sand tray, with puppets in role play or through drawing and making, the child achieves both control and critical distance over the issues that are bothering him/her. This leads to conversations about the problematic feelings or situations play characters and/or the child may be experiencing.

Alex works with adolescents to enable them to have a better sense of who they are and what makes them feel the way they do. Alex has found that the adolescent life stage is often an existential quest, a search through shifting identities and different peer groups – it is a journey that can be painful and confusing. Through a mixture of talking together and creative approaches, Alex encourages young people to arrive at a greater sense of self-understanding, by recognizing and letting go of past patterns that may impede their transition into healthy adulthood.

Alex has extensive experience of working in the educational and charity sectors and private practice. She set up two in-school counselling services for ThePlace2Be, provided individual child therapy, group work and parental support at the charity Hope in Tottenham. Latterly she worked an as independent child therapist in two West London schools. She was involved with the Domestic Violence Intervention Project in West London for eight years supporting the work of the Children’s Service.


Attachment issues; bereavement and loss; blended families; domestic abuse; identity issues; life crisis and transitions; looked after children, parenting and women’s issues.


MA in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy; Advanced and Post-Graduate Diplomas in Integrative Adult Psychotherapy; Diploma in Creative Approaches to Supervision

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