Anastasia Scott

Art Psychotherapist

Anastasia Scott

I am an Art Psychotherapist working specifically with children, young people and their families. I am a fully accredited by HCPC and a member of British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).

What is Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy uses creative media as a tool for therapeutic communication. Clients do not need previous experience of art making or any specific art skills. During sessions clients may create art products, explore artistic processes and reflect on their art making with the support of a caring therapist in a safe environment.

My Approach

At the core of my practice, I provide an empathetic, loving, playful and non-judgemental therapeutic space for each child and young person. In this environment, I support my young clients to express themselves freely through creative mediums.

During art therapy sessions, we may utilise a range of mediums such as clay, sand, slime, sculpture, chalk, paint and collage. Depending on the child, we may also talk, play, use stories, movement and metaphor. By following a child-centred model, each session is tailored to the unique and specific needs of the child.

I thoroughly value and enjoy working with parents and carers. Through collaboration, I hope to assist families reflect and understand their child’s individual behaviours and needs. I believe in providing emotional support, strategies and resources if and when needed.
My approach is always compassionate and curious, comprehending that everyone, regardless of age and stage, can be confronted by the complexities and challenges of life. I always employ a holistic model to sensitively work, listen and understand the whole family dynamic.


I have extensive experience of working in schools with children, parents and professionals since 2013. During this period, I have worked as a specialist autism teacher, SENDCO and Art Psychotherapist in a range of schools in North and South London.
Within the charity sector, I have worked as lead Psychotherapist for a Domestic Violence Intervention Project in West London. In this sector, I have worked therapeutically with 3 to 17-year-olds and their families who have experienced significant trauma.
I also have additional experience as an Art Psychotherapist in the NHS working with young people with eating disorders.


Trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, anger issues, low self-esteem, eating disorders and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


BA (hons), PGCE, MA and HCPC accredited.

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