Charlotte Mckibbin 

Trainee Counsellor

Charlotte McKibbin photo

Charlotte is currently training for the Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling at CPPD. She also currently gives face-to-face listening support to suicidal people at The Listening Place.  Working at The Listening Place has taught her that asking and speaking about the things we find "unspeakable" is fundamental to releasing shame, allowing people to move forward from unhelpful beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world around us. We can be at our most vulnerable in therapy and creating an environment that can honour and contain that is central to the way that she practises.

Her training in the Humanistic Integrative approach centres the client as the expert in your own life and allows us to play with different techniques to find what works best for for each person she works with. Therapy is a space where you can explore what it means to be you, with curiosity and without judgement. Charlotte works collaboratively with her clients to find the approach that works for them. Underlaying her approach to therapy is compassion and gentleness, but also a robust pragmatism. 

Charlotte believes that by being fully present with what is happening to you in the here and now, you can gain insight into the wounds of the past, allow the possibility that they can be healed and so realise the freedom you have in deciding how to move forward.

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