Claire Green

Psychodynamic Child Psychotherapist

MA, Mpsych, BPC, TSP

Claire Green

Claire is a psychodynamic child, adolescent and family psychotherapist. She completed her first Masters in psychodynamic developmental psychology at The Anna Freud Centre and her second clinical master’s at The Tavistock.

Previous to working as a psychotherapist, Claire was an experienced primary school teacher. She has always been drawn to the inner lives of children and how they manifest their earliest experiences in the outside world. Claire is very interested in the unconscious dynamics affecting the young person and how this affects the growing relationship between herself and her client. She explores the formative attachment relationships that have shaped the young person and contributed to who they are today.

She is also a qualified yoga teacher and believes that the body holds onto many early experiences that cannot be solved by psychotherapy alone. At times, and when appropriate to the individual, Claire will use grounding body work and mindfulness, to support her clients in feeling safe in their bodies and understanding the messages their bodies are sending them.

Claire’s sessions are child led and full of empathy, allowing the client to feel safe and secure before working on a deeper level. Claire focuses on the emerging relationship between herself and the client, using this relationship as a tool for change. With younger children, art materials, puppets, sand and other toys are available to allow the child to work symbolically, using the materials to communicate their unconscious or what cannot be said.

Claire often works with parents directly, helping them understand what their child might be going through and establishing a non-judgemental, supportive space in which to think therapeutically. Alongside her work at TTC, Claire works as a psychotherapist in an inner London state school, supporting children and parents.

Claire’s aim is to build resilience and self-belief in the young people she works with, equipping them with the tools to live their lives to the fullest. She takes great pride in her work which is instilled with compassion, honesty and empathy.


Early developmental trauma, anxiety, low mood, body image, trauma, relational difficulties.


MA Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology (UCL)
MA Psychodynamic Psychotherapist for children, young people and families (Tavistock)

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