Deborah Zeitlin


Deborah Zeitlin

Dr Deborah Zeitlin is a leading Senior Consultant Paediatrician working at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the NHS and the International and Private Care sectors, as well as at several top London clinics. She sees patients from infancy to 18 years old.

Dr Zeitlin sees patients with all common illnesses of childhood, and specialises in assessing and managing childhood feeding concerns, children’s physical and psychological development, parental/child bonding, critical care and the after effects of serious childhood illness. Another of her primary interests is children who have Complex Care medical needs: this includes rare or difficult to treat conditions, chronic conditions, or multiple conditions. Dr Zeitlin also provides tailored support for patients and families to navigate through the UK health system.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr Zeitlin sat on the European Paediatric Life Support Committee, from 2015 to 2022, and is a resuscitation instructor for children’s life support. She has written various publications (chapters, articles in peer-reviewed journals and various media publications) in the of child development, maternal foetal bonding, paediatric resuscitation, Kaposi’s sarcoma in children (an HIV-related condition), childhood anaesthesia and depression.

Dr Zeitlin specialises in many other conditions and this webpage helps you to understand what a paediatrician does and some of the common conditions she manages.


Infant and child nutrition and feeding (including weaning, reflux and diet management). Physical assessments (including those required for residential camps). Infant and child sleep management and disorders. Neonatology and newborn physical examination. Development and faltering growth. Constipation and bowel disorders and abdominal pain. Childhood acute infections (including respiratory, urinary and skin). Enuresis (including daytime bladder control and bed wetting). Respiratory and throat conditions (including chest infections and tonsillitis). Skin conditions. Atopic conditions (Hay fever, eczema and asthma). School concerns (behavioral, academic regression and socialisation). Complex Medical Conditions (Rare, difficult to treat, chronic or multiple conditions). Congenital Conditions (those a child is born with). Cleft palate and Lip (support in addition to national services)


Dr Zeitlin graduated from Birmingham University Medical School in 2001 with an additional degree in psychiatry. She initially trained in Adult Medicine (gaining MRCP), before training in Paediatrics (FRCPCH) with sub-specialty qualification in Paediatric Intensive Care Medicine. She has been at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2018 as a Consultant General Paediatrician and Named Doctor for Safeguarding (since 2020).

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