Farra Khan

Principal Systemic Family & Couples Therapist


Farra Khan

A Principle Family Therapy Specialist qualified to provide Systemic Assessment & therapeutic treatment Interventions for Individuals, couples & Families of all constellations and ages across the mental health spectrum.Farra implements those treatments as evidenced by national NICE guidelines. She diagnoses clinical presentations after thorough assessment working independently as well as jointly with other disciplines.

Farra is a highly skilled communicator who uses systemic, cognitive as well as analytical models of understanding to support changes that are timely, safe and possible.

Her clinical expertise spans over 25 years gained from employment within mainstream NHS services; psychiatric inpatient units, outpatient Cahms services particularly associated with improving outcomes for the adolescent populace but not limited to this. Systemic cognitive & analytical training assist her therapeutic repertoire.

Farra has developed and established successful IAPT clinics within GP surgeries. She has managed patients presenting with traumatic experiences , student challenges , anxieties , Obsessive tendencies , sleep issues , sexual dysfunction , relationship challenges , identity challenges associated with gender & sexuality, parenting challenges , adoption and fostering issues, depressive symptoms and Mood management , Self harm and suicidality, personality difficulties as well as providing psychological support to the elderly population whom she is also interested in developing positives outcomes for.

Farra provides therapeutic interventions that make immediate differences to quality of life experiences and functioning is improved over a number of contexts such as education, work , personal and professional relationships.

She is passionate about engaging and supporting future generations towards securing better outcomes that benefit their well-being and support excellent psychological functioning personally and academically. Farra is a professional willing to think outside of the box Where standard treatment had not been effective therefore using insights and knowledge to support improvement in well being.

Farra provides Consultation and supervision for colleagues across other professions not limited to therapeutic systems. Reaching stability as an outcome/goal so that systems can start to enhance their ability to achieve balance is a key consideration for her that drives her therapeutic stance

Farra has gained clinical expertise from working at the world renowned Marlborough Family service where she led the development of an intercultural therapy service setting leading further on to being an expert witness for the Royal courts of Justice undertaking assessments and providing treatments for neglect, abuse and prevention of the same.

Farra was recruited to manage the Family recovery team in Westminster for edge of care families where she routinely intervened in families, schools, social care, disabilities teams Police and prison contexts to provide support and interventions that changed young adult lives but also engaged above systems to consider their roles to support as opposed to disengage gang populations through attending to basic practical &emotional needs . Farra set up a programme that encouraged reaching out to those on the edge of care to make effective use of professionals assigned to them therefore returning the gaze and gaining power to secure better futures for themselves and therefore move towards independence.

Languages spoken : Urdu Punjabi French Hindi
Personal qualities : Calm , Kind , practical and respectfully challenging.


Post Graduate Advanced certificate Clinical supervision & consultation
MSc Systemic Psychotherapy Birkbeck College -University of London
Ma Infant observation Tavistock Clinic
IPT for IAPT Anna Freud centre London
DIT Anna Freud centre London

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