Giorgio Pellegrini

Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapist


Giorgio Pellegrini

Giorgio is an adult psychotherapist who trained at the NHS Tavistock and Portman Clinic, where he continues to work. Having worked therapeutically for over 5 years with patients from different backgrounds and age groups, he developed an in depth understanding of the challenges and difficulties that people who are seeking psychotherapy struggle with. In his work, he approaches the therapeutic encounter as a relational experience that allows the individual to get to know themselves and their inner world through the relationship with the therapist. Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help to address persistent underlying issues affecting one’s view of oneself and their relationships with others.

Giorgio worked in university counselling, offering short-term psychotherapy to young adults who sought help whilst struggling to find their way in the world, or felt stuck at a particular time in their life. This experience contributed to his understanding of how even a short-term engagement, guided by a psychodynamic approach, can have a meaningful impact on another’s person understanding of themselves and their relationships, and help to make sense of their past and present difficulties.

He also has considerable experience of working therapeutically with young people who are struggling to come to terms with their identity, and are interested in exploring the interplay between gender, sexuality and the development of personal identity.

Working in a service for adults with complex needs, Giorgio appreciates the value of long-term psychotherapy for people who struggle with chronic anxiety and depression, which can get in the way of leading a meaningful and fulfilled life. The setting of psychotherapy provides a regular and containing space where personal difficulties can be heard and thought about in a non-judgemental way, creating opportunities for in depth understanding and fostering emotional growth.


Anxiety, depression, trauma, issues around identity and sexuality, relationship difficulties.


BSc in Psychology, MSc in Psychoanalytic Studies, member of the Adult Psychotherapy Division of the Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists (TSP), and accredited by the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) as an Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.

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