Imogen Parry

Counsellor in training

Imogen Parry

In her counselling sessions Imogen endeavours to provide what other relationships may not offer: an unconditionally non-judgmental environment where you can process whatever you are going through, in confidence.

Talking things through with someone 'on our side' creates a safe space in which to navigate difficult emotions. By reflecting, looking backwards and identifying patterns together we can gain fresh perspectives that promote contentment, clarity and self-acceptance.

Imogen draws from various disciplines in her approach but her thinking is grounded in a Person-Centred framework, which is congruent with her understanding of human nature. Believing that healing occurs with authenticity, connection and a sense of security within the therapeutic relationship, she gives you her full attention and is dedicated to being with you throughout your process.

Alongside her training to be an Integrative therapist, Imogen has participated in many years of self-awareness and authentic communication retreats and workshops. She is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher and also incorporates the principles of embodiment, breath and mindfulness into her approach, when appropriate.

She is completing her Diploma in Counselling at the Minster Centre in London.

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