Josephina Thomas

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist in Training

Working towards an MA Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Josephona Thomas

Josephina is training to be an Integrative Children and Adolescent Psychotherapist and is a qualified, experienced social worker. Josephina's Social Work background has provided the experience needed to confidently work effectively with experiences of trauma, loss, and attachment difficulties. Josephina is familiar with working empathetically with a diverse range of client groups with varying presentations, and with professionals from many different mental health disciplines. Psychotherapy has deep and longstanding roots in Social Work and the collaboration of these disciplines has helped develop specialist skills. Josephina considers the therapeutic relationship to be the most significant factor in achieving positive therapeutic change. As such, it is essential in creating a safe space where a child or adolescent can make sense of their feelings, and this self-awareness allows reflection and promotes changes in behaviour, thoughts, and beliefs.

Josephina offers children and adolescent's the use of a range of tools such as paint, clay, pen and paper, and puppets. Josephina has discovered a curiosity to understand life from a child and adolescent-like perspective. This involves listening, observing, and paying attention to what children are saying both verbally and non-verbally. Throughout Josephina's career, she has gained a reputation for her ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. Josephina's style is warm, approachable, and brings a sense of fun that allows children and families to be at ease. Providing a calm, non-directive, empathetic space to promote growth and personal development, where children can feel truly heard and emotionally met.

Josephina cover's a range of emotional and psychological difficulties including: anxiety, bereavement, child related issues, depression, self-harm, trauma, emotional impact of child exploitation, attachment difficulties, depression and low mood, stress and worry, low self-esteem and parental separation. Josephina offers Long-term face-to-face work, online counselling and short-term face-to-face work.


Child abuse, trauma, stress, exploitation, family breakdown, separation, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, family/relationship issues, neurological disorders, gang affiliation, knife crime, Child and/ or parental substance misuse, placement breakdown and personal growth.


Currently completing a Master’s in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Josephina has already completed training in the following areas: Child and Adolescent development – physical, intellectual, language, emotional, social and spiritual; Attachment theory; Neuroscience; Elements of play, music, art, drama and movement therapy; Social media and cyberbullying; Child bereavement and loss; Self-harm; Safeguarding children; Working with children with special needs; Working with children from diverse cultural backgrounds; Working with teenagers, transitions and gang culture.

Master's in Social Work (MSW), Warwick University.
Licensed Social Worker - Member of Social work England.
Bachelors of Arts Combined Honours in Working with children young people and families with applied counselling studies at Newman University.
BTEC National Diploma in Child Care, Learning and Development at West Herts College.
Josephina has completed extensive training in Child Abuse & Domestic Abuse with Surrey County Council (SCC) and with Birmingham Safeguarding and Children Board.
Training course in Systemic Practice and thinking with The Institute of Arts.
Understanding Mental Health – Everybody’s Business Training Surrey County Council
Neglect and The Graded Profile with SCC.
Alcohol awareness course with Support, Hope, Awareness, Networking, Training and Information (SHANTI).
Working with Resistant Families training with Birmingham Safeguarding and Children Board.
Health and Safety training with SCC.
Wellbeing and Inclusion Matters training with SCC.
Chronologies workshop training with SCC.
Information Security with with SCC.
Trauma and the Impact on Young People training with Birmingham Safeguarding and Children Board.
Systemic Practice & Thinking with SCC.
Abuse and Neglect of children training with SCC.

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