Animal Assisted Therapy

Luna Therapy Dog

My name is Luna, I am a seven year old Poochon, which means I'm hypoallergenic. This is my human, Bridget McCabe who is a therapist at TTC. I like to help her out by providing Animal Assisted Therapy. I enjoy working in the therapy room especially with children and young people. I can often tell when people are having tricky feelings, that are not always easy to talk about. That's when I like to sit close by, and help. If you ask me to, I will put my head on your lap and do some nice slow breathing, it will help you to feel better.

Animal Assisted Therapy has become more common in recent years with a body of research building on how the addition of an animal in the therapy room can help to regulate the nervous systems and calm clients. In addiction anuimals can aid those who struggle with relationships, non-verbal communication and attunement. They are particularly useful for young people who have a neurodevelopment diagnosis of ASD or ADHD.

Luna is fully insured and certified as a safe therapy dog.

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