Natasha Whitelock

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist


Natasha Havelock

Natasha has several years' experience working with children, adolescents and parents. As well as her work within private practice she holds a position as resident Child Psychotherapist within a large inner-city primary school.

Natasha has an empathic, compassionate and holistic approach to working with young people. She is passionate about helping them find ways to express themselves, to gain a more positive view of themselves and break out of negative or destructive thought patterns and cycles in order to be able to truly fulfil their potential.

Her approach is integrative and child-led, and she draws upon a variety of therapeutic modalities and practices to ensure the experience is individualised to the young person's needs. These include attachment and developmental models, exploring unconscious processes, trauma-informed neurobiology, somatics and embodiment. She uses the arts, including sandtray, clay, paints, puppets and drama to help children and young people think and talk about what it is like to be them and to help express their intricate inner worlds.

Natasha is also a trained children’s yoga teacher, and her therapeutic work is fused with many years experience helping young people to attune and connect to their bodies. She utilises tools such as breathwork, mindfulness, storytelling and regulation techniques to help the children she works with feel safe within their bodies and aid their ability to access their emotional language. This holistic approach allows Natasha to keep in mind the whole person; the mind and the body.

Prior to her training Natasha created and performed immersive theatre for children and young adults. She has a naturally warm, playful and encouraging demeanour which enables the young people she works with to feel at ease and build a strong relationship and rapport with.

A vital part of her work with children is working collaboratively with the community of care around the child, parents, carers and teachers. She believes that open and honest communication is key to meeting the needs of the child. Encouraging an open space where everyone has a place to speak and be heard helps the child on their journey and the potential for deep rooted, meaningful change to unfold. She also offers one to one work with parents who may be struggling or are in need of extra support.

Natasha has helped facilitate impactful shifts in the lives of the young people with whom she's worked across a whole variety of emotional needs. Like the cycles of nature she believes full heartedly in young people's capacity for change and growth.


Anxiety, ASD, ADHD, bereavement/grief, behavioural issues, depression, difficult relationships, developmental trauma, low self-esteem, learning difficulties, parent work.


MA Integrative Child Psychotherapy (IATE/UEL), BA History of Art (University of Warwick). Natasha has completed her training as an integrative child psychotherapist at IATE and is in the process of obtaining UKCP registration.

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