Sarah Blakeney

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist In Training

IATE Trainee Child Therapist

Sarah Blakeney

Sarah is an empathic, playful and compassionate trainee child and adolescent psychotherapist who provides an engaged and confidential therapeutic service for children and young people of various ages and backgrounds.

Her integrative approach to therapy allows her to offer bespoke treatment plans that could incorporate models informed by attachment theory, advances in neuroscience and developmental studies as well as Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), art and play therapies.

When it comes to difficult feelings it can sometimes be tricky for children to put things in to words and express themselves and their experiences. Having previously trained in the therapeutic use of the arts, Sarah finds value in allowing children to express and connect with their inner worlds through image making, clay, dance, puppetry, storytelling and sand tray. The arts as well as play also facilitate imagination and learning; both key in overcoming challenges, better understanding self and other as well as discovering new ways of being.

For the past 5 years Sarah has worked in both primary and secondary schools creating various arts and play based interventions to be used by pastoral teams to help pupils build confidence, communication and social skills.

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