Sarah Moody

Adult Psychotherapist


Sarah Graham

Sarah has a deep interest in people and a love of learning about how we all tick. She feels privileged that it is her job to help her clients notice what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what beliefs they have, and how this might be impacting them and their relationships with others. She provides a warm, reassuring and calm space, for clients to feel safe to explore what is going on for them. Her approach is client centred, and blends a number of ways of working, from thinking and talking together, to playing and creating, weaving in helpful strategies from other disciplines, including CBT, mindfulness and body-based modalities such as somatic experiencing and family constellations. She is a strong advocate of psychoeducation, particularly about the brain and nervous system, as a way of helping to normalise people’s experience and giving tools and information that can support clients navigate their lives outside of the room.

She has been working therapeutically since 2006, mainly within schools initially. Post qualifying she was part of a counselling service at a private girls school in London, where she worked closely with the school, delivering trainings to the staff and running a PSHE class during her time there. Alongside this she set up a private practice working with adults and couples which she has done ever since, moving the practice down to Brighton and then to Hassocks.  

Whilst in London Sarah also worked as a tutor and group supervisor for psychotherapy students at her former college, Terapia, and worked for a while with Inspiring Childhood, an independent CAMHS and a multidisciplinary court assessment team, producing summaries of the background information to each case as part of the written material being presented.

She has been working at TTC Sussex, with adults, parents and young people, since it opened in 2019.


Psychotherapy with adults, couples and adolescents.


Sarah has an MA in Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Counselling and a BA in History.

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