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We came to TTC at a time when we were really out of ideas about how to help our child, who was having frequent meltdowns and seemed very anxious. Our therapist supported us in thinking about how best to support him, and also was a really soothing presence for us as a family at a really stressful time. We can’t recommend them more highly.

Anonymous Parent

As my son comes to the end of his therapy with his therapist, I know that we were very lucky to find her. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed.

We had not had any personal recommendation to go on, which is one reason why I wanted to write this recommendation. After several years of living abroad, I was concerned that my son would experience difficulties in adjusting to a new school in the UK, as he does not cope well with change. The years away from the UK had been difficult for him, he had never really settled in a different school system and he had been frequently in trouble at school. I contacted The Therapeutic Consultants after surfing for ideas of ways to help him adjust to his new environment. I had no idea whether the therapy could help him, but I thought I should at least try something.

She has not only helped my son to adjust to his new environment, championing his cause with us, his parents, and acting as an interpreter of his needs. She has done this but she has also done much more. I could not have imagined that his ability to reflect on his own conduct and its implications could mature and develop to such a radical degree. I am not really sure how she has done it, but it has been an extraordinary transformation. He started off by being willing to speak to her and seemed to enjoy it, after a short time he was returning home much calmer after his session and after several months he really underwent a dramatic transformation in the way he saw situations of conflict at home and at school. He has learned to exercise control and to choose when to take issue with other people and when to hold back. He is really reflective now whereas before he was reactive. She has supported us all throughout this process, never judging us but always helping us to develop a better basis for our relationships.

I am really glad that we underwent this process because it has put my son in a far stronger place to face his own future, to make his own decisions and to think about who he is and how he wants people to see him.

Mother of an 8-year-old boy

We worked with our therapist when we were experiencing difficulties with our nine year old son and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her warmth, sensitivity and nuanced observations were outstanding; our family dynamic improved considerably within a relatively short period of time and it was clear that our son trusted her completely.

Parents of a 9-year-old boy

Simply put, our therapist made me gain my confidence back. She explained things that i knew in a way I had not really thought of and made them clearer. She gave us tools to help us deal with these issues. At all times she was clear, precise, thoughtful, gentle and brilliant. I could not recommend her more.


Our therapist really helped our son identify and express his big emotions in a safe and nurturing space. The support she provided to us as his parents gave us the opportunity to understand his behaviour, reflect on triggers and develop a unified way forwards.

Parent of a 6-year-old boy

Our therapist was a highly professional and empathetic therapist who is able to put both parents and children at ease from the very start of her sessions. She agreed to see us at a time that was convenient to us and was flexible with follow up appointments. Both of my sons felt very comfortable with Liat and looked forward to seeing her every week. By using play, she was able to assist our son’s to communicate better with each other and to help us as parents manage the boys’ behavioural issues. I would thoroughly recommend TTC to other parents who are considering therapy for their child/children.

Anonymous Parent

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after my son for these last few years. He showed me the gift you got him today and he said how he would miss you. That’s a real testimony to you and the wonderful rapport you have built with him! Thank you… this last year has been particularly hard for us all and your committment to carrying on the work has been invaluable. Very emotional that my baby is moving on to big school and I know I need to set him free a little to spread his wings on his new journey. You have played a huge part in helping him to do that!

Anonymous Parent

We have found the therapeutic consultants responded very quickly and sensitively to our needs. The therapist we saw was very helpful and professional. I would recommended this service to other people.

Anonymous Parent

Our therapist was able to calmly sit with our son and make him realise that he does have the capacity to overcome his anxieties and control his emotions better, and that acceptance was a major breakthrough in itself.

We will be eternally grateful to our therapist and TTC, and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Anonymous Parent

My therapist gave me all the support I needed and surpassed all my expectations. I have finished our sessions feeling empowered for the future, with a deeper understanding of my own mind. I cannot thank her enough.


My child started counselling with TTC following three years of grappling with some very stressful life events. His therapist was insightful and calm and used humour and empathy to allow him to talk about how these events have made him feel. Over the time we spent with TTC, we all as a family learned a huge amount about how to talk to each other and support each other. I’m so glad we did it.

Parents of a 10-year-old boy

Our therapist is a fantastic listener and holds an empowering space for deep sharing and processing. As a couple supported by her, we were able to say things to each other that we hadn’t said before, and this has helped us unite and be stronger.

Parents who had parent therapy

We found a calm and confidence giving space for our son here. He seemed to grow and settle over a period of sessions and this felt good for us and for him.

Parents of an 8-year-old boy

We went to TTC to find some support for our daughter who had shouldered three big life events at a very young age. Her counsellor was very calm and supportive and it was amazing to see our daughter really start to gain in confidence and come out of herself over the course of her sessions. As the youngest of the family she often has to go along with everyone else’s needs, so it was great to give her the chance of some time and space that was just about her.

Parents of an 8-year-old girl

My teenage son was helped through a number of challenges by TTC and is calmer and more self aware for it.

Parents of a teenager

Our therapist was very kind and understanding, she is also easy to talk to. She has the ability to make a person feel very valued and good about themselves and this makes talking about any problems a therapeutic and easy journey.

A truly lovely lady who makes a real difference to people’s lives

Anonymous Parent

A wonderful combination of warmth and caring combined with professionalism

Adult Client

I would highly recommend TTC to families who are seeking support for their children. Our experience has been such a positive one and feel that it has been an invaluable investment for our son to get the help he needed. He faced a number of different challenges and as parents, felt we’d tried all the options that we could take as a family to help him. We realised we needed to seek professional help and TTC provided the support we all needed. Our son felt safe and comfortable to discuss his struggles with his therapist from very early on in the process, looked forward to his weekly sessions and made progress very quickly. The therapy has greatly benefited both our son and family and are so pleased we found TTC.

Anonymous Parent

As a parent and a trainee counsellor I would highly recommend TTC. I consider TCC to be of a particularly high standard, delivering a vital therapeutic service for the wellbeing of children and young people. My daughter and her therapist Joanna, did some incredible work together, which has not only helped my daughter, but has helped us as parents to understand her more so much more. I considered myself a conscious parent, however sometimes we need help in seeing our own blind spots when it comes to supporting our children. Joanna was amazingly sensitive and insightful throughout the whole process and I couldn’t have felt more supported as a parent in helping and understanding my daughters needs.

Anonymous Parent

TTC helped my son through a difficult time. I can’t recommend them enough.


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