Family therapists will help family members to effectively communicate about circumstances that are causing problems. They facilitate healthy communication and help families to find alternate ways to express themselves and function together.


Often we do not notice destructive patterns that hold back emotional development and which cause members to become stuck in set patterns of functioning, which inhibit psychological growth and the potential of family relationships. Family therapists are highly skilled at identifying and exploring different dynamics and relationships and addressing the impact of problematic behaviours. They will help you move towards different and effective strategies of management of yourself and each other to bring positive changes, growth and improved relationships between family members.

Family Therapists will work with a range of presenting issues and Systemic Family Therapy has been evidenced by NICE (National Institute of Clinic of Excellence) to be effective with a range of family difficulties. Family therapists have particular expertise in facilitating communication and can work with children and adults of all ages.

Family Therapists will provide an assessment in the first instance of the difficulties expressed and will then work with you to develop alternate strategies for managing difficulties and different ways of living family life. This will always take into account the richness and influences of the contexts of culture, language, political experiences, extended kinship systems, mental health and wellness, race, gender and sexuality and disability and the role they play in our functioning.

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